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Christine Stone




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Marlene Stone (biological mother), Shabazz (step-father), Damali Richards (adoptive sister), Unnamed biological father


Fallon Nuit (formerly)

The Light


The Light

Christine Stone is Marlene Stone's daughter by an unnamed guardian who turned. Formerly a vampire, she is now an angel assisting the forces of Light in the war between Heaven and Hell.


Early LifeEdit

When Marlene was pregnant with Christine, she refused to raise Damali because of the possible threat to her own child. As Christine grew up, she went onto the streets and into a dark lifestyle, making her vulnerable to the forces of darkness. When she was fifteen, Fallon Nuit, who was searching for the Neteru, found her and mistook her for Damali. He abducted Christine, but once he realised she was not the Neteru, he bit her and turned her into a vampire. After the bite, Christine became a second lieutenant and Nuit's queen, and was known as Raven.


The AwakeningEdit

Five years later, in the days preceding Damali's 21st birthday, Raven is killed by Damali in a battle and becomes a succubus. 

The ForbiddenEdit

Raven appears to Damali as a succubus and begs her to take her into the Light. Damali agrees, on the condition that she lead her to the Vampire Council chambers. Raven makes good on her side of the bargain by leading Damali through the levels of Hell to level six.

During the battle in Philadelphia Raven appears to Marlene and the guardians following her, and guides them to safety. She apologises to her mother for everything she did as a vampire and for hurting her.  


The DamnedEdit

It is said that Raven has gone into the Light in a ritual performed by Damali and witnessed by her mother, Marlene.

The ForsakenEdit

Christine appears to Dan as a spirit, to comfort him as he feels alone because all the other guardians in his team have paired up already. Christine tells him not to worry, that someone special will come to him soon. She also admits that she finds Heaven boring and that she is working to become an angel. 

The CursedEdit

Christine is one of the spirits who appears before the Neteru guardian team during the battle at Masada.

The DarknessEdit

When Damali, Inez and Mike arrive in Atlanta to collect Ayana and Inez's mother, Ayana reveals that Christine appeared to her while she was being threatened by Fallon Nuit and told her to scream very loudly and do what she can to fight Nuit. Ayana's words confirm that Christine is now an angel.      

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