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Vital statistics
Title Neteru Queen
Gender Female
Race Nubian
Faction Light Forces
Health N/A
Level Neteru, Ring Six
Status Deceased
Location Sixth Ring of Light
Nzinga is a Neteru Queen who now resides in the Light. She originated in the Nubian Empire and reigned from 1583 to 1663. 


Reign as NeteruEdit

Nzinga reigned from 1583 to 1663. She battled the Dutch and Portuguese from her base in Africa, and never surrendered until she died at the age of eighty.

The ForbiddenEdit

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The WickedEdit

The CursedEdit

The DarknessEdit

The Shadows Edit

The ThirteenthEdit

Physical appearanceEdit


Powers & AbilitiesEdit



  • Her symbol is Akoko nan tiaba na enkum ba (a double-bladed battle axe), placed at the base of her neck, just before her spine begins. The hen treads upon its chicks but does not kill them. </li></li>
  • She wears a purple robe, and represents the Third Eye chakra.</li>