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Penthesiliea is a deceased Neteru Queen originating in the Amazon who was felled in the mid-1500s. 


Reign as NeteruEdit

Penthesiliea reigned until around 1546 A.D. She was sent to help her people in their time of need, when their land was being invaded by the Europeans, after over a thousand years of peace. The Neteru and her team fought hard against the invaders, but were eventually defeated by the diseases which the invaders had unwittingly brought over. Penthesiliea contracted smallpox, a disease which ultimately killed her. Seeing her dead, her mother seer lost all hope and made a pact with the were-demons tied to Brazil, allowing Penthesiliea's body to be desecrated and taken down to level five and her Neteru guardian team to be turned. Penthesiliea's soul ascended into the Light, having resisted the pull of the were-demons.

Because of this, Penthesiliea's name was burnt out of the Neteru Temt Tchaas, and was only burned back into its pages after Neteru Damali Richards and her mother-seer Marlene Stone researched her in the book while visiting Brazil on tour.  

The HuntedEdit

Penthesiliea collects her guardian team after Damali Richards defeats her mother-seer-turned-were-demon in combat in the Amazon. 

The ForbiddenEdit

The ForsakenEdit

The WickedEdit

The CursedEdit

The DarknessEdit

The ShadowsEdit

The ThirteenthEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Penthesiliea is tall, with braided hair. She has a Neteru tattoo, the Akoben, on her sword arm. As a Neteru Queen in the Light, she wears a novice-white robe. As a living Neteru she was allegedly dressed in white. 


Powers & AbilitiesEdit



  • Her symbol is the Akoben (war horn), placed on the forearm of her blade arm. </li></li></li></li>
  • As a member of the Neteru Queen's Council, she wears a novice-white robe.</li>

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